Nothing Beside Remains

Marfa, Texas

September 2011 – 2012

Nothing Beside Remains was a suite of commissioned public projects, presented by LAND, which opened in September 2011. Sited in Marfa, Texas – a rural town of 1,800 residents and a site of seminal art historical import – the exhibition featured new commissions ranging from large-scale installations to discreet interventions.

Integrated into the boundless West Texas landscape, and connected by the thematic evoked in the exhibition’s titular reference, P.B. Shelley’s Ozymandias, the projects addressed the beauty and poetry in decay, the inevitable decline of the monumental, and the fleeting presence of legacy in the face of the erosion of time.

Exhibiting artists included Andrea Bowers & Shizu Saldamando, Sarah Cain, Sue de Beer, Rob Fischer, Karl Haendel, Ry Rocklen, Mungo Thomson, and Garth Weiser.

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This project made possible with support from the Office for Contemporary Art Norway.