LAND Artist Multiples are created to support LAND’s free public programming. They are exclusive to LAND and are directly related to the larger commissioned public artwork.

The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project Collection

As an extension of the cross country billboard project spanning Interstate 10, each artist will create an accompanying work or object.

Painting in Place Collection

A group of works produced on the occasion of LAND’s exhibition in downtown Los Angeles  in the summer of 2013.

Nothing Beside Remains Collection

An extension of Nothing Beside Remains, a LAND exhibition in Marfa, TX

VIA/Stage 1 Collection

An extension of Stage 1 of LAND’s inaugural exhibition VIA (as in “by way of”) comprised of four new commissions sited within the Los Angeles landscape, these multiples further explore the exhibition’s thematic of motion, mapping, and exchange.

The Secret (Still) Knows Portfolio

Initially presented in Austin, TX as The Secret Knows and re-presented in Los Angeles, CA as The Secret (Still) Knows, these multiples are limited edition extensions of the commissioned work presented in these exhibitions, each finding inspiration in the following Robert Frost couplet: “We dance round in a ring and suppose, / But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.”

Additional works by LAND artists in benefit of the organization are available. Please contact Laura Hyatt at for more information.