Anna Sew Hoy

Psychic Disc


Cast resin sculpture, metal powder, glitter
16 x 15 in. (40.64 x 38.1 cm.)
Edition of 15

Produced by Art + Culture Projects

Anna Sew Hoy’s resin edition is cast from a ceramic work that was imprinted with various objects belonging to the artist: pills, sunglasses, jeans. Using a range of colors, Sew Hoy has created a psychedelic prism, each edition with unique swirls of primary colors and glitter. The resulting disc alternately evokes an object form an unknown ancient ritual, an alien fossil, a talismanic totem, or what the artist has called a “caveman photograph.” The proceeds from the sales of this edition directly support LAND’s upcoming project with Anna Sew Hoy at Los Angeles State Historic Park, which will include a large-scale bronze sculpture entitled Psychic Body Grotto.