Dean Spunt

DA Spunt Comp CD


3 color silkscreen, cardboard, paper, risograph, CD-R, felt
6 1/4 in. x 5 1/4 in. x 1 in.
Edition of 50 + 22 APs

The self-titled album, THE D.A. SPUNT COMP was recorded entirely on February 13 and 14, 2016 in Downtown Los Angeles at the Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market which brought together top artists and tastemakers in Los Angeles to make their wares available for sale to the public. Dean Spunt (musician and artist best known as the drummer / singer of No Age) set up a recording table with gear, a book full of lyrics and started bands with people either walking around or presenting at the flea market.

Ranging from skilled musicians, non-trained musicians, children and people who have never played anything, this limited edition album captures the energy of visceral artistic output engaging with commerce in a semipublic space. On many of the tracks the sounds of the market can be heard in the background. Ideas for band names, vibe, and musical intent were discussed right before or after the songs were recorded.

There are 15 tracks from 15 unique bands on the album with names such as REFRIGERATOR, O.B.G.Y.N., THEORY OF LEISURE, THE THIRST ROCKERS etc. Some of the artists / people / musicians who participated with Dean Spunt and recorded songs include Kate Hall, Matthew Clifford Green, Butchy Fuego, Gabriel Garza, Sarah Soquel Morhiem, Aaron Wrinkle, Facundo Bermudez, Luke Fischbeck, a very drunk man, a seven-year-old boy, etc.

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