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Upcoming Exhibition: Exchange Value

Downtown Los Angeles

Spring 2017

In the Spring of 2017, LAND will present Exchange Value, a multi-site group exhibition comprised of installations, performances, film screenings, and dialogues that will activate and link various sites and communities throughout Downtown Los Angeles. The exhibition will consider concepts of value and exchange: the ways in which objects and experiences are assigned value, how value is denoted/connoted, and the social transaction of beliefs, cultures, and commodities. Using Downtown Los Angeles as a case study for these concepts, the exhibition will present varying responses to the cultural, economic, and proprietary reasons and ramifications of rapid change in neighborhoods. Exchange Value will use site-specific projects as a vehicle to navigate the current evolution of the neighborhood, while exploring broader social concepts such as social justice, value of culture, homelessness and displacement, local and national politics, gentrification, educational opportunities, socioeconomic inequalities, minority/gender/LGBTQ issues, and more.

Many of the artists in the exhibition have first-hand experiences with the changing landscape of Downtown Los Angeles, while others respond to their experiences with shifting “values” in broader terms. Exchange Value will enable them to explore these concepts on a large-scale platform and with the direct participation of public audiences as many of the projects are inherently collaborative, all of them entirely free and open to the public, situated in diverse, non-arts venues.

The full artist list is currently in formation.

This exhibition is made possible by LAND supporters including the Pasadena Art Alliance.