Amir H. Fallah




Screen Printed T-shirt
Open edition

50% of proceeds will go to the Omid Foundation and The Center for Human Rights In Iran and 50% of proceeds will go to LAND to sustain the project.

As part of LAND’s ongoing project, Signs for Change, and in partnership with artist Amir H. Fallah, LAND has commissioned a wearable artwork to raise awareness and funds for two human rights organizations: Omid Foundation and The Center for Human Rights In Iran. The T-shirt is launching alongside a large-scale public sculpture, CHANT, prominently displayed on La Brea Avenue (LA Brea/Melrose avenue intersection) in the heart of Hollywood at Shulamit Nazarian Gallery.

CHANT carries the rallying cry of the movement “WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM.” in the colors of the Iranian flag, distilling our anger into a demand that can and must be met. Written in English, Farsi, and the phonetic Farsi, these translations are important to diasporic Iranians whose relationship with the written language is in the phonetic form. The sun in the center of the piece carries great symbolic weight during such a pivotal moment for the future of the Iranian people, representing a universal light and a beacon of change and positive growth. Moreover, this symbol of a humanized sun, especially with feminine features, is ancient and prevalent throughout Iranian culture.