Trulee Hall

Ladies’ Lair Lake

FEBRUARY 16 – MARCH 27, 2022



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LAND is pleased to announce a solo presentation of Trulee Hall’s most expansive body of work to date, Ladies’ Lair Lake from February 16 – March 27, 2022. The installation’s density, both in concept and production, platform a rich world for the public to explore and familiarize themselves with Hall’s feminist-oriented, imaginative, and playful world-making art practice. LAND’s presentation will invite you to immerse yourself in Hall’s universe, an uncompromising experience bringing to life the body of work through video, sculpture, painting, and installation. Viewers will be able to wander through Hall’s mythical world and engage with its characters, intimately experiencing their stories.

Ladies’ Lair Lake narrates a creation myth that begins not with man but with woman, and explores themes of disobedience and loss of innocence; the clash between patriarchal religion and matriarchal goddess worship; the complexities and loss of autonomy that accompany motherhood; and the interplay of free will and fate, of human desire and divine intervention. The mythological narrative takes place in an edenic forest setting, beside a lake inhabited by a sorority of nymphs overseen by a benevolent yet mischievous goddess. The sisterhood, chameleon- like and at-one with their surroundings, coexists in harmony with nature, adopting the characteristics and appearance of water, land, and flora.

The installation presents a variety of techniques and mediums, including CGI, claymation puppetry, green screen, found nature footage, live action, painted dimensional sets, costumes, makeup, and newly composed music alongside a choir. Hall’s allegorical worlds offer a space to loosen up and enjoy the contradictions of sexuality, pleasure, and morality.

Trulee Hall’s work presents a surreal geography drawing on motifs of the domestic, the decorative, and the erotic. The artist’s creative practice spans video, sculpture, painting, audio composition, and choreographed dance. Hall integrates these mediums into immersive installations. These vignettes offer multiple representations of a non-narrative visual subject, replayed through painting, sculpture, and video amalgams of CGI, claymation, and live action performance.

Hall received her BFA from the Atlanta College of Art in 1999 and her MFA from CalArts in 2006. Her work has been shown at the Rubell Family Collection, Hammer Museum, Deitch Projects, The Armory Show, Paramount Studios for Frieze Art Fair, Redcat, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND), Barrick Museum of Art, Maccarone Los Angeles, Michael Benevento Gallery, and the Billy Wilder Theatre, among numerous other exhibitions and film screenings internationally. The artist recently premiered Tongues Duel the Corn Whores, an Opera at the Zabludowicz Museum in London. In September 2020, the Zabludowicz Museum premiered a solo exhibition of Hall’s work.

This exhibition is made possible with lead support from Karyn Kohl, Brenda Potter, and Stacy and John Rubeli. Additional support is provided by Abby Pucker and Christine Stillinger Steele.

Special thanks to Creative Space and Maccarone Gallery.

LAND’s 2022 exhibitions are made possible with lead support from the Offield Family Foundation and the Jerry and Terri Kohl Family Foundation. 

Additional support is provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture, the LA Arts Recovery Fund, Abby Pucker, the Fran and Ray Stark Foundation, Jay and Deanie Stein Foundation Trust, the Poncher Family Foundation, Brenda Potter, and LAND’s Nomadic Council.


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