Multiple Artists


Gatherings is a presentation of public sculptures, performances and programming centered around the Los Angles State Historic Park, as part of the nationwide Feminist Art Coalition. Following the present calls to reimagine civic space and ways of gathering, this public art exhibition constellates artists who weld myth, ancestral knowledge, and/or opaque forms of knowledge to navigate and reimagine the world. Gatherings is an invitation to foreground feminist ideas and practices of collectivity, these set of practices are often committed to communal forms of wellness and health. This exhibition frames the State Historic Park and it’s various histories as an entry point to learn how these communal practices originate and are passed down through familial lineages. Following the park’s moniker ‘The Cradle of Los Angeles,’ a nod to the park’s Zanja Madre, the mother aqueduct crucial for the the early development of the city of Los Angeles, Gatherings prompts the Los Angeles State Historic Park’s layered and  complicated history as a way to stage, host, and address other, radical ways of being and being with one another.

Gatherings is presented as part of the nationwide Feminist Art Coalition.