Multiple Artists


LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) presents Gatherings, an exhibition of public sculptures, performances, and programs. Guided by sculpture and performance’s shared principle of care, as applied to material such as clay or flesh, Gatherings frames public spaces as sites for reconvening with each other and the land. Gatherings reimagines public sculpture as conduits for contemplation—capable of nurturing artistic and contemplative practices. This reimagination is led by but not exclusive to artistic practices built upon ancestral knowledge, teachings, and mythologies that have been historically devalued for their feminine connotations. Gatherings amplifies these communal and loving-orientated practices, welding them to reimagine all forms of relation. Artist list forthcoming.

Previous Programs

Screening of Kathryn Garcia, The Apparition, 2020
December 21, 2020-January 1, 2021

“Spiritual interchange and oneness between woman and earth as forms of therapeutic, internal healing also figure’s in Kathryn Garcia’s mesmerizing multi-media works. Filmed in Ibiza, a Spanish island, the artist’s video footage features Garcia in striking ritualistic goddess poses which emulate historical ancient iconography. In the backdrop hovers Es Vedrà, the uninhabited Goddess Island near Ibiza, a well known energetic vortex. By channeling feminine wisdom and spirituality, Garcia’s nude body serves as a bridge between terrestrial elements of the earthen ground and the cosmic qualities embodied in the beams of light radiating from the prisms. A hypnotic combination of video, light, performance, and sound healing in the artwork pull human consciousness towards the divine feminine, Garcia’s body behaving as the primary medium to usher a sense of cathartic release.”

-Lisa Aubry