Adee Roberson

Tempo (Cosmogram #1)

Los Angeles State Historic Park
1245 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, ca 90012

May July

Sunset Activation + Performance
Friday, July 28
Los Angeles State Historic Park
Free / No RSVP Required

In a sunset activation + performance, Adee Roberson channels oceanic and cosmic sounds through synthesizer, percussion and voice, accompanied by special guest Nailah Hunter on Harp. Hunter is a multi-instrumentalist and composer whose music for harp, electronics and voice shimmers with spiritual radiance, full of magic, wonder, and healing energies.⁠



Opening Reception
Saturday, May 20
3 – 7pm

Adee Roberson’s Tempo (Cosmogram #1) invokes African and Black diasporic rituals and symbols, offering a site for healing and care practices to all who are seeking. A spiral with no beginning and no end, the cosmogram is a connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, representing the eternal seasons of a life cycle: dawn, midday, sunset, midnight, and back to dawn. Rebirth and renewal. The structure––here consisting of stones that bring strength and stamina––captures an axis between worlds, a portal to commune with ancestors and the spirits of the cosmos. In a series of public performances, artists and collaborators will be invited to work on the cosmogram, harnessing the power of the stones in their subjective actions, and releasing the energy outwards.

The installation of this sculpture is part of LAND’s Gatherings series, a multi-year and site responsive project centered around the Los Angeles State Historic Park. LAND’s Gatherings series is an invitation to reimagine how knowledge is held and shared in service of communal forms of wellbeing. Following the present calls to reimagine civic space and ways of gathering, Gatherings constellates artists who weld ritual, myth, ancestral knowledge, and/or communal practices to navigate and reimagine the world. Gatherings is presented as a series of public installations, performances, collaborations, and offerings, the evolving nature reflective of the organic ways in which constellations of care are formed. Previous chapters included presentations of artists Chris Emile, Kathryn Garcia, veronique d’entremont, and iris yirei hu in collaborations with the late Tongva elder Julia Bogany and Tongva poet Megan Dorame.


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Special thanks to Irina Gusin, producer.