Artist and Curatorial Submissions

LAND accepts unsolicited submissions from artists and curators and reviews on a quarterly basis. Materials can be emailed to or sent to 2021 West Jefferson Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90018.


Production Manager

Getty Marrow Curatorial and Communications Intern

Curator | Full Time Permanent Position

LAND seeks a dynamic, community-oriented curator who will be responsible for the research, development, production and presentation of LAND projects. 

The ideal candidate will have a specific interest in working in the public realm and site-responsive projects with a particular sensitivity to communities and place. The role also requires the individual to be proactive in building ongoing relationships with artists, curators, supporters, and the greater LAND community. Curator will play a key role in working collaboratively with the LAND team in developing and stewarding LAND’s programmatic vision across projects of varying scales and durations, including a robust annual calendar of programming. Curator will report to the Executive Director and work closely with the LAND team and board of directors.

Duties and Responsibilities as Curator at LAND include: 


  • Perform in-depth research for exhibitions, artists, sites, publications, and proposals
  • Arrange studio visits and site visits
  • Work creatively and collaboratively with artists and negotiate various complexities of working in a variety of non traditional sites 
  • Spearhead planning and production elements of exhibitions and programs, including communication with artists and vendors from conception to completion of projects ranging from one day programs to ongoing collaborations over multiple years
  • Support Executive Director (ED) and Associate Director (AD) in the development and management of exhibition and program budgets, schedules and timelines
  • Conduct venue research and work with ED and AD in developing venue contracts for projects
  • Facilitate and strengthen collaborations with site partners within Los Angeles and elsewhere
  • Engage a diverse array of audiences and stakeholders, internally and externally, across multiple platforms while cultivating and maintaining relationships with artists, LAND members, LAND Board, Advisors, press and other community members
  • Contribute to LAND’s ongoing curatorial vision and mission evaluation
  • Manage preparation of proposals, meeting summaries, checklists, didactic texts, and other exhibition and programming elements and materials
  • Support in composing project language for press releases, e-blasts, marketing descriptions, artist biographies, etc.
  • Support in copy-editing and proofreading LAND’s internal and external communications where needed

Grants and Funding

  • Support ED and AD with grant writing, funding proposals, and overall grants management
  • Supporting in researching potential funding sources
  • Proactively develop individual relationships and cultivation opportunities

Administrative and Operations

  • Assist in the maintenance of administrative and project management databases
  • Work collaboratively with LAND team including board members, staff, contractors, project partners, interns and volunteers 
  • Assist in day-to-day administrative tasks as needed within the LAND HQ, which may include answering unsolicited submissions, responding to general email inquiries, updating LAND’s website, as needed
  • Occasionally assisting in art handling (including packing, moving, organizing, and installing artwork)
  • Collaborate with LAND team and be present at all LAND events, openings, and various other occasions

Requirements and Qualifications

  • BA or MA degree or equivalent curatorial experience, ideally at least 5 years working in similar capacity
  • Strong organizational and communication skills and attention to detail 
  • Ability to work in person at LAND HQ in Los Angeles, CA (currently working remotely 2 days/week and together in person Tuesday-Thursday)
  • Experience with project management tools and production at various scales and timelines with multiple stakeholders
  • Interest in working within a highly collaborative team environment; working in an open space
  • Openness to work nomadically and flexibly (meetings across the city, some travel opportunities)
  • Interested, inspired by and dedicated to conceptualizing how unique artist projects outside of traditional spaces can come to fruition and open to problem solving alongside artists, studios, and the LAND team
  • Fluent in best practices around accessibility and interpretation of public art to different audiences
  • Sensitivity to working within diverse communities and contexts
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, GSuite
  • Knowledge of Airtable or any type of database a plus
  • Excellent interpersonal, writing, and organizational skills

Salary Range: $70,000-85,000
Plus monthly health insurance stipend, vacation, holiday, sick day

This is a full time, permanent position with benefits including medical insurance in the form of a monthly stipend, a PTO package, holiday and sick leave following a probation period. 

Apply Here – Applications Due by April 30th

Production Manager | 6 month contract, possibility for extension

The Production Manager will be responsible for managing a complex, site specific, multi-year project to debut in South Central Los Angeles in 2024 with an established LA-based artist. This role will report to and work closely with the LAND team and liaising between the artist’s studio manager. They will also work closely with key stakeholders such as project architect, project construction manager, permitting, engineers,  vendors, the larger studio team, partners and community members throughout the planning phase. The Production Manager’s key responsibility will be to create a comprehensive production plan and budget for the approximately 3 year project.

Responsibilities include: 

Production Management

  • Strategize with LAND, artist, and project partners on larger scope of the project
  • Build and manage timeline for various stages of the project
  • Track all project expenses in collaboration with LAND ED and Associate Director
  • Develop overall project budget for the various phases of the project and provide recommendations
  • Draft contracts, waiver, procure insurance in partnership with legal teams
  • Oversee and conduct all logistical planning, budget preparation and tracking, production, site research
  • Establish and communicate with an installation and production team comprised of studio fabricators, architects, engineers, contractors, and legal team
  • Have a deep understanding of the logistics of art shipping; Liaise with institution on deinstall, shipping and registration needs to get work returned to artist studio
  • Research fabricators, vendors, engineers, and more with the artist’s studio and Construction Manager
  • Manage administrative duties related to the project
  • Conduct ongoing check ins with individuals and larger team to ensure timely progress and problem-solving

Site Management

  • Have knowledge of site management, familiarity of permitting,  engineering and construction processes within LA County
  • Liaise and manage stakeholders and a vast array of vendors on complex structural and permitting issues necessary to prepare the site
  • Create on-site management plan
  • Ensure all LA city requirements are met during feasibility studies
  • Negotiate contracts and any commission agreements

Community Engagement

  • Understand community engagement practices and program planning that is artist and community driven
  • Work on an asset mapping of immediate neighborhood for where the work will be installed to create a network of community support


  • Experience with production executing large-scale, site-specific projects
  • Ability to work with artists, fabricators, architects, construction teams,  engineers and knowledge of fabrication methods and processes
  • Ability to understand architectural and construction documents and processes
  • Strong organization skills and attention to detail, capability to prioritize and manage multiple stakeholders
  • Strategic and creative thinker to problem solve; good listener, self-directed, exceptional follow-through skills
  • Interest in working within a highly collaborative team environment
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, GSuite, Adobe Creative Suite, CAD
  • Knowledge of Airtable or any type of customer relationship management and project management system a plus
  • Excellent interpersonal, writing, and organizational skills

Fees and Deliverables

Fees and deliverables to be mutually agreed upon. Anticipated time commitment is approximately 25 hours per week. Open to determining hourly rate or retainer fee structure.

Time commitment: 32-40 hrs per week; schedule may vary week to week 

Exact rate: Monthly retainer fee of approximately $6,000-$7,000

Apply Here – Applications Due by April 1st


Getty Marrow Curatorial and Communications Intern | 10 Week Summer Internship

LAND’s Getty Marrow 2023 Curatorial and Communications internship will offer an undergraduate student the opportunity to gain firsthand experience with an array of responsibilities such as liaising with local artists, conceptualizing exhibitions and public programs, and organizing and maintaining communications throughout LAND’s platforms. In addition to working closely with LAND’s staff, the intern will have opportunities to meet with and connect with various arts organizations, professionals, and networks to gain an understanding of broader professional duties and possible career paths within the cultural and arts sphere. The intern will work on a full-time basis for ten weeks. Successful candidates will have excellent written and oral communication skills,  familiarity with various communication channels (i.e. Instagram, Mailchimp, Google Sheets), and an interest in contemporary art. 

LAND’s Getty Marrow 2023 Curatorial and Communications Intern will support LAND staff with an array of responsibilities, including coordinating with artists, and local partners, conducting studio visits, and maintaining unique project based  partnerships, as well as supporting on the different facets of communications strategies, including accessibility across all platforms. The intern will assist with day to day digital communications to support in spreading awareness on ongoing and upcoming projects via LAND’s website and social media platforms while also learning and building off of LAND’s overall strategic messaging. The culminating project to be completed will include building multiple curatorial proposals featuring a curatorial statement, communications strategy, checklist, bibliography, and other research and exhibition materials necessary to propose, execute, and promote LAND’s site-specific series. During the ten weeks, the intern will be involved across various LAND projects and communicate with a multitude of stakeholders, partners, and audiences that will help inform these projects.

Over the ten weeks, the Intern will work on the following tasks:

  • Research and identify potential sites for artistic partnerships across Los Angeles county 
  • Coordinate and help to maintain relationships with artists, curators, institutions, and local partners 
  • Coordinate studio visits with artists and site visits with various partners   
  • Learn to build and present curatorial proposals which include: curatorial statements, check-list, budget, bibliography, and other project collateral like artist bio’s and credit lines for example. 
  • Write and copy edit e-blasts and membership newsletters under the Community Manager and Associate Director’s guidance
  • Collaborate with LAND’s communication team to craft digital strategies highlighting LAND’s projects across various social media platforms 
  • Write and copy edit curatorial statements and project language for various fundraising and communications platforms
  • Make recommendations, as needed, on areas to evolve LAND’s curatorial philosophy and communications approach

This internship will be a hybrid work-from-home model where interns will be able to work from home and are expected to meet in person three out of five days at the LAND office in Jefferson Park. Interns will be offered a laptop to conduct LAND oriented work. The supervisor and intern will communicate daily and regularly meet to go over progress and priorities as well as to gain and discuss ongoing feedback for both intern and Supervisor. Alongside regular meetings there will also be opportunities to network and collaborate with various artist networks and institutions illustrating the various career paths in the arts, an aspect that the LAND team often prioritizes as a practice of our own cultural work. This internship will take place for ten consecutive weeks beginning in June and ending in August.

Successful candidates will show an interest in contemporary art, public and site-specific projects, and diverse and intersectional curatorial processes.

Eligibility Requirements

Getty Marrow internships are intended for students from backgrounds underrepresented in museums and visual arts professions. Candidates are sought from all areas of undergraduate study at any higher education institution—community college, trade school, and public and private university—and are not required to have demonstrated a previous commitment to the visual arts.

Applicants must:

  • Be of a group underrepresented in museums and visual arts organizations, including, but not limited to, individuals of African American, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, or Pacific Islander descent.
  • Be currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate in either a bachelor’s degree program or an associate’s degree program. Students must have completed at least one semester or two quarters of college by June. Students who graduated the semester or quarter immediately before the internship begins are also eligible. (Students who are enrolled in a second BA or BS program are not eligible.)
  • Reside or attend college in LA County; and
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident (non-citizen authorized to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis; also known as a “green card” holder). Students with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) status valid through the internship period are also eligible.

$6,800 Stipend

Apply Here – Applications Due by April 19th