Image credit: Anna Sew Hoy, Psychic Body Grotto at the Los Angeles State Historic Park (study), 2016

Anna Sew Hoy

Upcoming Exhibition: Psychic Body Grotto

Los Angeles State Historical Park

Spring 2017

In the early Spring of 2017, LAND will present the inaugural installation of Anna Sew Hoy’s large-scale, bronze sculpture Psychic Body Grotto at the Los Angeles State Historic Park. Drawing on the artist’s previous explorations of materiality, spirituality and the relationships we forge with everyday objects as seen in exhibitions such as Home Office (2013) at Various Small Fires and Magnetic Between (2016) at Aspen Art Museumthis will be Sew Hoy’s largest and most interactive sculpture to date. Working in conjunction with the efforts of California State Parks to revitalize and create new spaces for cultural and civic dialogue, activity, leisure, and engagement, Psychic Body Grotto will function as an interactive work of public art, landscape design, and gathering spot for local residents and visitors of the park.

Special thanks to Creative Capital and the California State Parks.