Nomadic Nights: Panteha Abareshi



1611 S Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015

April 14, 2022

7 – 9PM

LAND presents an artist lecture by Panteha Abareshi on Thursday, April 14 at 7pm hosted at NAVEL. 

⁠Abareshi will present a 2-hour long artist lecture on their current exhibition taking place at Hunter Shaw Fine Art and the theoretical research and articulation that laid the foundations for the show. Beginning with a survey of the new work, the lecture will expand to encompass larger questions around fetishism, and the role of the sick/disabled body as fetish object- from popular media representations, to the various forms of pornography and explicit fetish materials found online. This lecture will explore the notion of consent, and the question of whether the disabled body, as we image and understand it, is truly capable of consenting while under the harsh and unrelenting able-bodied gaze.⁠

This lecture will delve into conceptual and theoretical exploration of the ceaseless power dynamic between the able-bodied viewer and the disabled performer as spectacle, raising questions of control in looking, cripple privacy, and the ways in which alienation of the disabled/sick other are written into the comfortable modes of consumption, legibility and identification that dictate visual culture.⁠⁠

Through the highly-personal lens of Abareshi’s own corporeal experience, she will address larger, universal concerns of pain, fear, entropy, and mortality, and at the heart of this lecture will be an unflinching exploration of identity, questioning what happens to the self when it is trapped inside a hostile environment- whether that environment is Society, the Institution, or the Body.⁠

Join us on Saturday, April 14th from 7-9pm at Navel located at 1611 S Hope Street, Los Angeles. ⁠

Note: NAVEL is located on the second floor of our building and requires climbing one flight of stairs from our alleyway entrance. ⁠NAVEL is accessible for all via an elevator on the Hope Street entrance to the space. We will have someone present with directional signage upon arrival. Inside NAVEL there are two bathrooms which are accessible for wheelchairs up to 27” wide located on each side of the bar/kitchen. ⁠


About Nomadic Nights:
Nomadic Nights are salon-style events, in roaming locations throughout the country, which reflect the diverse ways in which contemporary artists engage and present visual culture. As a departure from conventional formats, Nomadic Nights invites artists to present work, performances, and ideas that comprise the constellation of influences informing the overall creative practice.

LAND’s 2022 exhibitions are made possible with lead support from the Offield Family Foundation and the Jerry and Terri Kohl Family Foundation. 

Additional support is provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture, the LA Arts Recovery Fund, Abby Pucker, the Fran and Ray Stark Foundation, Jay and Deanie Stein Foundation Trust, the Poncher Family Foundation, Brenda Potter, and LAND’s Nomadic Council.