Getty Issues Impact Report For Diversity Internship Program

We are so sad to say goodbye to Jocelyn Lopez-Anleu as her six month internship with LAND comes to an end. We asked Jocelyn to reflect on her time with LAND, and are happy to also be able to share this @spectrum1 news story highlighting her work. Thank you Jocelyn and the Getty for making this internship possible!

“I have spent the last few days reflecting on the last six months I was lucky to have spent at LAND as their Getty Marrow Curatorial Intern. Though it feels very bittersweet to write this, I am very grateful for how powerful, inspirational, and caring my time at LAND was. Coming into the space right as the city drastically altered due to COVID made the process of starting a new job a more compassionate and supportive one. Everyone at LAND put forth forms of support and understanding that I have rarely felt in a professional setting. That in itself set such a strong foundation for the next 6 months that I can only imagine how much harder the transition to working from home would have been if I had not been at LAND. I’m very grateful for the trust and recognition Laura and Hugo placed on me throughout my internship and more importantly for allowing me to be a part of two great projects- BLKNWS and Gatherings. I will continue to hold this gratitude especially close to my heart because it is due to these unique and important experiences that I feel ready and confident in my abilities as I continue my journey in the art world as a queer CentralAmerican arts professional. To close off, I just want to say one last thank you to everyone at LAND for giving me space to really reconfigure how care, intimacy, and knowledge make up smaller non-profit art spaces and for putting forth a practice that I hope to continue in my own work.” -Jocelyn Lopez- Anleu

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