Halloween House Party

Halloween House Party
The Radical Hope of Horror
a polysensorial installation by
Max Hooper Schneider

October 28, 2022
7 PM – 10 PM
Private Residence

You’re invited to an unforgettable Halloween House Party at the actual home featured in the 1978 John Carpenter classic film, Halloween. In homage to the site, we are throwing it back to classic 1970’s horror film inspiration for a night of art, music, food and drink, featuring a polysensorial installation by artist Max Hooper Schneider.

Through a series of site specific interventions, Hooper Schneider uses the American home to reimagine the concept of horror as a parallax state of unreconciled longing and isolated madness and more aptly, the successive flows of unforeseen anomalies and rapturous events that span generations, functions, incarnations; i.e. a film set for a genre-defining classic, a reliquary of late mid-century decor, a Hollywood snuggery for an aging couple. All iterations of the home where it is located further understandings of horror as a simultaneous process of flourishing and decay, life, death, pain, joy, the unclassifiable, the yet to come. The executed interventions present each room as a different event in a different state of being; a forgotten past, a revision of extant matters, a delirious speculation, that as a totality form a prism of seductive astonishment. You will be horrified but not in the way you think.

Image: Max Hooper Schneider, HORROR, 2022. Custom red acrylic vitrine, vintage neon signs, candy, sheep mask, mixed media, silicone, dyed resin vitrine, 21.5 x 13.5 x 10 inches

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