Multiple Artists

Hang in They’re

Los Angeles State Historic State Park

June 5, 2021

Hang in They’re is a 15-person group exhibition of exclusively suspended works organized by Julia Leonard and Perwana Nazif. This exhibition considers works that suspend—or float—and trouble normative considerations and displays of artworks. The works, exclusive to the exhibition, demonstrate each artist exploring outside of the boundaries they have established for themselves in art making as does suspension in regards to the physical laws of the universe: push/pull, resist/float, fixed/moving, serious/playful, weighted/weightlessness. Ultimately, it addresses how we can grapple with serious ideas and situations and yet remain buoyant without escapism.

Iterative in its very nature, Hang in They’re also calls attention to re/decontextualization of exhibition and art-making particularly within the context(s) of Los Angeles and in community-building with this particular group of Los Angeles-based and likeminded artists. The one-day outdoor event will include programming and we encourage you to come hang with us and BYOP (Bring Your Own Picnic). The one-day outdoor event, held at the Los Angeles State Historic State Park, will be followed with future indoor installations of the show. The health and safety of all visitors are our top priority and media of the works will be made available online.

Participating artists
Mario Ayala
Ross Caliendo
Kayla Ephros
Jake Freilich
Kelly Infield
Patrick Jackson
Aaron Elvis Jupin
Ann Greene Kelly
Liz Lee
Julia Leonard
Roula Nassar
Ryan Preciado
Jessica Williams
Alake Shilling