Matt Greene

Closing Séance

West Hollywood, CA

April 21, 2012

Perpetual Conceptual: Echoes of Eugenia Butler

8126 – 8132 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
7:30 PM

On July 19, 1978, Eugenia Butler held a séance as Madam S.S. Houri at Harold L. Glicksman and Mary Ann Duganne’s gallery on 76 Market Street in Venice, CA. Glicksman and Duganne were ordered by the new owner of their gallery to surrender the premises on January 15, 1979. As the closing event for the gallery, Madam S.S. Houri held public and private séances and “x-raye” readings.

Matt Greene (b. 1972, Atlanta, GA) is a Los Angeles-based painter and performance artist known for his dark and otherworldly landscapes that investigate horticulture, vintage pornography, horror films, fairy tales, and 19th Century symbolist art. His work has been exhibited at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles; Peres Projects, Los Angeles; Deitch Projects, New York; COMA, Berlin; and the Kunsthalle Vienna, Austria. Greene’s work is a part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Séance Narrative

silken cordbinds circlesold trap

shut case

lock out

cold floor

cats claw

fever draw

beware here

hairy manger

lonesome stranger

mug wort

worse wood

false face

hair piece

born cord

fork tongue

make red

get led

give head

blind fold

red bread

beat dawn

word pray

play dead

get paid

take back

clip sheets

shed spool

she bled

clay oven

cloven hoof

thatched roof

lacks proof

ill omen

meat hook

chap boots

trick stop

truck stamp

non pass

break brush

glimpse blush

night shade

scream stops

scrim drops

long pause

lower claws

pissy minx

pretty musky

rim job

slip shod

crab shack

lynch mob

witch hunt

stitch shut

chin strap

thick mix

sling shot

scold son

boot lace

hair ball

court ship

hung lurker

tear jerker

total inferiority

total conspiracy

second skin

after life

altered file

lady like

clench flute

felt pelt

lost scent

blame self

fur line

lock box

down vest

pluck hairs

dirt floor

makes mess

hidden chamber

total wreckage

total disaster

partial denture

total conspiracy

dirt box

coin slot

false front

shop worn

sack lunch

worm holedump tubeboth think

pull thong

total depression

guilty pleasure

rob companion

wooden legend

male man

lick pills

pick deals

prick ears

sick meals

cut heals

bend knees

worn heels

silk cord

ex dress

stretch seams

slime hunt

pit ball

lone tome

damp spot

stick cracks

make x

thumb screw

hair hole

her pole

slick shield

fur pie

eye glass

glove flies

lip gloss

total loss

lamp shatters

crowd scatters

close closet

clock ticks

sleep shop

ice chest

eye lash

bind sash

house wife

door mouse

lace top

face mop

missing scissors

sticky finish

murky puddle

merry widow

mending plate

ring finger

field line

dream crime

lance hand

drawn cream

mend fence

claw foot

bow again

clown away

show shadow

miscast mistress

cover blown

bogus hour

filthy flower

ingrown tombstone

mossy mound

morbid boss

pussy foot

stump hump

tree hugger

high tower

lost father

snow fall

freeze water

they saw

axe drop

log split

wax hand

night stand

pussy willow

mirrored lair

sullen minotaur

phantom limb

cut cord

starting now

gallery termination

gallery termination

gallery termination