Voter Guides, 2020

So many voter guides for the upcoming General Election are circulating on the internet. A number of LA-specific guides present over-lapping takes on progressive stances for Ballot Initiatives and Candidates. This helpful spreadsheet lays out where voter guides converge and where they differ. Be an informed voter with the aid of these guides, hopefully they can ease some of the overwhelming sensation that only multiple choice tests and ballot measures can inspire. Vote, vote early, vote safely, but please just vote!

The KNOCK.LA Los Angeles Progressive Voter Guide for the November 2020 General Election
We’ve sifted through every state, county, and federal race that touches LA County (and a few extras that don’t), every state proposition, every race in LA City, and a host of races in smaller cities to help you make an informed decision when you vote this October (or November, but seriously, please vote as early as possible).

Democratic Socialists of America Los Angeles November 3, 2020 Voter Guide
Thank you for using the DSA-LA 2020 General Election Voter Guide.This guide was written by members of the DSA-LA Electoral Politics Committee with contributions from the 2020 primary guide produced in collaboration with the Future Left. Authors approached writing this guide with socialist values and a progressive, pragmatic lens. We see this as an opportunity to share information with fellow DSA-LA members, LA voters, and other community members about political forces shaping the many communities that make up Los Angeles.

L.A. Podcast Voter Guide: 2020 General Election
It’s time to vote again, and LA Podcast is here for you. Here are our endorsements of local candidates and propositions in cheatsheet form. You can download a full-size image to save or share. We also have bite-sized Instagram images here.

If you want the explanations behind the endorsements—plus links to the podcast episodes where you can hear us discuss some picks in more detail—read on.

LA progressive community voter guide: a collaboration between the Future Left, People’s City Council, In This Together, and members of the LA community
The Future Left voter’s guide is not just a list of recommendations, to be consulted like a column of restaurant or movie reviews. Instead, we— the members of The Future Left— regard it as a gregarious model for social decision. It was a research project that brought together a multitude of community members, activists, scholars, cultural producers, and organizations like The Future Left, People’s City Council, SafeLAPL, In This Together, and Angelena Atlas, among others, to consider strategies for the November ballot and agree on a common direction, despite differences in origin, age, race, gender, sexuality, ability, and levels of political experience. The guide makes no pretense of authority. Rather, it should be understood as part of a longer conversation and political process, which is why this year’s guide will be released along with a series of articles, teach-ins, videos, and a variety of next-step sequences that can be pursued after all the ballots have been cast.

Two Evils Voter Guide 2020: Los Angeles + California + Washington DC
Thank goodness CA Dems took decisive action to protect residents during a pandemic by… banning menthol cigarettes??? I mean seriously the blue supermajority couldn’t manage to pass an eviction moratorium stronger than the Trump administration’s to keep tenants in their homes during a pandemic for which housing is the only prescription?!?! But green Capris, Newports, Camel Crush,met the #Resistance. Neverthe-ugh-less, we commit to no platform the GOP, and prevent the continued National Neoliberal emboldening of white supremacist vigilante murder & scapegoating non-citizens for problems Billionaires cause.

Being an ACLU voter in this election means voting for our communities and our shared future. It means voting through the ballot on state and local races, California propositions, and local measures. Support new laws that will promote racial and social justice. Reject those that will turn back the clock. Be an ACLU voter. Vote for our future.

The complete list of L.A. Times’ endorsements in the November 2020 election
Californians will have several weeks in which to vote in this year’s general election. The voting period is underway, as county registrars have started sending out ballots (although they may not arrive in mailboxes right away), and concludes on Nov. 3, the official election day. Voters can return their marked ballots by mail or drop them off at vote centers. Ballots postmarked by election day will be counted if they are received up to 17 days later.

The following are recommendations for the most progressive candidates and measures on the ballot based on reviewing resources listed at the bottom of this guide, news articles, and candidate statements. I encourage you to do your own research as well! After writing the date/your address on and signing your envelope, return your ballot via USPS or dropbox as early as possible. If you vote in person, bring your mail-in ballot with you. This guide was prepared by Kris Rehl.

A Guide to Voter Guides for LA Progressives
A comprehensive spreadsheet of each progressive voter guide circulating about California/Los Angeles. Directly compares the authors’ stances on ballot initiatives as well as candidates. Each guide mentioned in this document is included within this spreadsheet.