Soltera Q&A

On the occasion of LAND’s release of Soundscapes: Soltera, LAND’s 2022 Getty Marrow Development and Communications Intern Isabela Angulo asked the artist about the development of her musical practice, her motivation to teach herself music production, and her relationship to her hometown, the San Fernando Valley.


When did you start your practice?



What made you want to delve into the realm of music?

I was taking an improv dance class at PCC and wanted to score my own dances so I bought a sp404 sampler and borrowed drum machines/ keyboards from friends. Just learned how to make beats off YouTube or sampled sounds. 


How would you describe your style of music?

I’m not really sure. It’s electronic forsure and I am heavily influenced by dance music. But vocally I am inspired by the rage of punk/ hardcore/ power violence music. I blend both genres. But inspired by many more genres. 

I read that you are self-taught, what did you draw from this experience?

It taught me that I could really do anything if I tried. I just had to believe in myself. And be patient with myself. 


Do you see being self-taught as a set back or have you used it to your advantage in some way?

I find it as an advantage. I always feel like I’m making something new even if it sounds the same because every part of making it is purely accidental. I can’t recreate it. 


What resources did you use to teach yourself how to produce music?

I first started with drum machines and an old keyboard I had from high school. But then during the lockdown I started using ableton and watching YouTube videos on how to use it and I caught on really quick. I also bought my first synthesizer and that was an amazing feeling! 


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Movies. Other music. Life. Chaos. Depression. Friends. Love. Everything really. 


Do you ever feel or have you ever felt any pressure to fit into a certain mold or appease your fans in specific ways as an artist?

As much as I people please at times or feel insecure about people not liking me or whatever  I still end up doing what I want or believe in. So yes I’ve felt the pressure but I know how to grow and move past it. 


What kind of energy/atmosphere do you feel that your music creates?

I just want people to dance! I want people to feel wild and be themselves, to let go and fully be as free as I feel when I’m on stage. 


What motivates you to create music? Any specific goals that you have behind your practice?

Feeling what I need to feel helps me create. Fantasies help me create. I wanna score more films! Film was my first love.

Has your experience growing up in the valley shaped your musical practice in any particular ways? Has it inspired you in any way?

It inspired me to listen to a lot of different genres. I was listening to punk, hardcore, indie, rap, reggaetón, rock. Everything! You would hang with all types of people and everybody loved music so much. It’s what got us through the day. Especially cause there wasn’t much to do! 


How would you describe your experience as a whole in the San Fernando Valley?

Difficult for personal reasons. But it’s special. A lot of history. And culture. Different characters. Life paths. A lot can happen. I felt I grew to appreciate it more once I left it. 


On Thursday September 29th, LAND will present an exclusive screening of Soltera’s film “Beyond The Valley Girl” at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park, a treasured valley spot. RSVP to the screening and access Soltera’s L.A. Summer Mix on Spotify or Apple Music here.

All photos courtesy of Soltera.