Lunch with LAND

Lunch with LAND

June 2013

Lunch with LAND

LAND invited guests to pack a lunch and spend Saturday afternoons urban picnicking with the artists of Painting in Place. Once a week, two artists were on-site at the Farmers and Merchants Bank to discuss their work in the exhibition and beyond. This was a special opportunity to learn about the varied practices and perspectives that make up this wide-ranging group show.

Saturday, June 8, 12:30pm
Kevin Appel & Monique van Genderen

Saturday, June 15, 12:30pm
Alexanda Grant, Jim Lee & Vincent Szarek

Saturday, June 22, 12pm
Julian Hoeber & Bobbi Woods

Saturday, June 29, 12:30pm
Sarah Cain & David Hendren

Saturday, July 20
Matt Greene & Kon Trubkovich

Saturday, July 27, 12:30pm
Kim Fisher & Mark Hagen

All talks took place at the historic Farmers and Merchants Bank located at 401 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90013.