Zoe Crosher

The Manifest Destiny Billboard Perfume


15 ml. (1/2 oz.)
Each scent: edition of 20

All 10 editions can be purchased in advance for $600.

The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project co-curator and artist Zoe Crosher has created a custom perfume individualized for each of the 10 locations of the exhibition. The scents reflect notes of a contemporary travelogue across the country, ending in Los Angeles. Each perfume has an altered formula to reflect the ten locations: Florida, orange blossom; Mobile, magnolia; New Orleans, moss; Houston, leather and white musk (truck stops); San Antonio, roses and gunpowder; El Paso, cactus; New Mexico, sage; Tucson, palo santo; Palm Springs, floral; Los Angeles (not yet created).

Perfume creation by the Institute for Art and Olfaction, in collaboration with Zoe Crosher.