LAWS (Los Angeles Water School) Kickstarter


Help fund six months of free public talks, arts programming and intersectional dialogue about water in Los Angeles.

October 12 – November 6, 2018
Goal of $18,000

“Every time we take a sip of water we’re connected to these places…these connections across big distances.” -Oscar Tuazon


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What You’ll be Funding

Beginning Friday, October 12th, and continuing through Spring of 2019, Panda, Oscar Tuazon and  LAND will present to the public a series of events at  Los Angeles Water School (LAWS). Bringing together remarkable guests from a variety of vantage points including local history, architecture, politics, and arts programming, these events held at the LAWS Downtown LA site will construct a genealogy of the role and economics of water in Los Angeles.  In order to bring to life this momentous programming and make it all thoroughly accessible to the public, we need your support. 

Learn about our LAWS programming events here.

What is LAWS?

Los Angeles Water School (LAWS) is a functional artwork, an experimental school for students of all ages to engage in dialogue and collaborative work about water. Located adjacent to the Los Angeles River, in a structure inspired by Steve and Holly Baer’s self-sufficient passive solar Zome House (1969-72), LAWS is the first of four Water Schools planned by artist Oscar Tuazon, with locations in Minnesota, Michigan, and Nevada. Presented by LAND, this series of events builds a genealogy of the complex life of water in Los Angeles, through the lens of local history, architecture, politics, and art. Through this collaborative process tracing how water connects diverse communities within Los Angeles and across the continent, working from a micro to macro understanding of policy and infrastructure, the artist and LAND are excited to continue this constitutive dialogue and create a setting for the exchange of cross-disciplinary ideas and learning.


All donations, no matter how large or small make a difference. Pledge at various levels to receive exclusive rewards such as an invitations to private preview events throughout the year, a private studio visit with Oscar Tuazon, LAND membership, and LAND Artist Multiples.