Multiple Artists

Hear before hereafter


June 30, 2021 - July 7, 2021

 Hear before hereafter 

Reynaldo Rivera, Vanessa at Silverlake Lounge (1995)
Akram Zaatari, Mourning Images (1995)
roula nassar, The smuggler’s dream (2021)
Christelle Oyiri, Collective Amnesia : In Memory of Logobi (2018)
Jayce Salloum, untitled part 9: this time (2008, 2020) 
Basma Alsharif, Deep Sleep (2014) 

Hear before hereafter is a weeklong film program that runs from June 30 to July 7, 2021. Each film is posited as a music video, where image follows sound. Sound and sense-making drift alongside one another in improvisatory beats. A withdrawal from distinction yields resonant gestures. Meaning, then, becomes only in the bodily letting go of. That letting go of necessitates a listen first or a listen only rather than a listen closely.  

Hear before hereafter is curated by Perwana Nazif.

Flyer by Kayla Ephros

This screening is made possible by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

Image credit: Mourning Images Akram Zaatari 1995 | 00:06:10 | Lebanon | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | BetacamSP video. Images copyright of the artist, courtesy of the Video Data Bank at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,


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