Frame Rate: Memories Digitized

Images by Ruben Preciado.

Featured Filmmakers:
Walter Vargas
Will O’Loughlen
Sharmaine Starks
Kandi Cole.

This program is organized by Gemma Jimenez and Nicole Ucedo

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LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) and EPFC (Echo Park Film Center) are pleased to present Frame Rate: Memories Digitized in partnership with Tlaloc Studios on Saturday, June 10 from 2-6pm.

Through a hands-on film workshop and screening of films by local artists, Frame Rate: Memories Digitized, intends to gather community members to engage with neighborhoods and sites around us, prompting consideration of how we memorialize these spaces. 

The collaborative workshop will begin at 2pm at Tlaloc Studios where EPFC instructors, Gemma Jimenez and Nicole Ucedo, will lead the group through a super 8 filmmaking workshop. The class will watch films made on super 8, load film, and then go on a neighborhood walk to document the historic South Central LA neighborhood on film. LAND and EPFC will process the film and share the class’s work after the program.

This workshop is for adults (ages 18-30) who are interested in learning how to use analogue cameras and explore the process of filmmaking,  prioritizing BIPOC individuals local to South Central LA.

EPFC and LAND will provide the film cameras and lead a workshop on using the cameras followed by an approximately 1 mile walkthrough of the neighborhood surrounding Tlaloc Studios. During the walk EPFC instructors and Ozzie Juarez of Tlaloc Studios will share the neighborhood history and guide participants on using film cameras to create a visual diary of the area. Space for the workshop is limited to 15 participants. Participants should be prepared to be outdoors and walking for about an hour. All equipment and material will be provided by EPFC.

Following the workshop, we will hold a screening at Tlaloc Studios with a series of films made by local South LA artists drawn from EPFC archives. Filmmakers will be in attendance to partake in a post-screening discussion. Food and refreshments will be served. This portion of the program is open to all.

Participants may attend both the workshop and the screening or just one of the events. 

Spots for the workshop are limited to 15; to join the workshop please fill out this form. To attend the screening which starts at 5pm, RSVP here.


About Echo Park Film Center

Echo Park Film Center (established 2001) and the EPFC Collective (launched 2022) provide all-ages community film/video workshops, screenings, resources and residencies in Los Angeles and around the world. The EPFC Collective is a fluid and ever-evolving multi-generational, multi-cultural working group that shares an array of skills, experiences, and interests. EPFC is united by the power and joy of collaborative creative practice to support and strengthen community.


This program was made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs.

for the sake of dancing in the street

Images by Gina Clyne.

for the sake of dancing in the street is a group exhibition celebrating the interconnectedness of feminist and queer resistance. Collectively the work documents and amplifies individual acts of resistance as well as historical and ongoing global feminist protest movements, including the current uprisings in Iran–creating connections between these movements across space and time. Archival materials, videos, zines and posters trace these connections and create new reverberating calls to action. Central to the exhibition is a focus on dance as a liberatory practice, using disruption, joy and irreverence as critical tactics.

The exhibition features installations by LASTESIS, Morehshin Allahyari and Yasmine Nasser Diaz, in conversation with works by Ava Ansari, Geochicas, and archival materials compiled by Caitlin Abadir-Mullally and Raja Bella Hicks. An original print by Entangled Roots Press is featured in the gallery space and available as a takeaway. 

As part of for the sake of dancing in the street, LAND is thrilled to present For Your Eyes Only (FYEO)  by Yasmine Diaz. FYEO is the latest iteration of multidisciplinary artist Yasmine Nasser Diaz’s bedroom installation. The space contains signifiers familiar to SWANA* communities, but relatable to many adolescents of the diaspora. Against the graphic pink wallpaper, a two-channel video includes a projection of women and non-binary persons dancing in a reel of online selfie videos. A second video montage of news clips featuring women-led political rallies from around the Global South plays on a 90’s-era television set. FYEO presents a layered constellation of interrelated realities, spanning borders, identities, and time, aligning along intersectional and transnational movements of solidarity. The project intends to create a space to strengthen bonds between female and non-binary diasporic communities. By juxtaposing the diasporic dilemma alongside ongoing struggles for rights by women across the region and beyond, the FYEO installation generates complex yet hopeful connections rooted in possibilities for the future. 

The exhibition and associated programming were conceived and organized in collaboration with OXY ARTSLAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division), and Yasmine Nasser Diaz.


Opening Reception
Saturday, June 3


Celebrate the opening of for the sake of dancing in the street with a live DJ, food, drinks and dancing along with a special dance performances activating the exhibition. TCS (Tea Devereaux, Simrin Player, and Chryssa Hadjis) will perform an original dance piece commissioned in response to Yasmine Nasser Diaz’s installation, For Your Eyes Only. The performance will be set to the FYEO soundtrack composed by Carol Ohair, who will also be DJing throughout the night. 

Performance times: 6:30pm & 8pm


About Yasmine Nasser Diaz

Yasmine Nasser Diaz is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice draws from nuanced, discordant, and evolving concepts of culture, class, gender, religion, and family. She uses mixed media collage, photo-based fiber etching, immersive installation, audio, and video to explore connections between personal experience and larger social and political structures. Born in the United States to parents who immigrated from the highlands of Southern Yemen, her youth was shaped by traversing the discordant environments of a tightly collectivist Yemeni diaspora, ‘90s  inner-city Chicago, and Western society that prizes individualism and consumerism. 

Diaz uses her work to navigate these experiences while exploring themes of gender and bicultural identity; family honor, shame and reputation. She sees her practice as a place of relevance for others, particularly those of the growing multicultural diasporas of the Global South who have migrated to areas of the Global North. Diaz is especially interested in complex narratives of third-culture identity, their precarious invisibility/hyper-visibility, and the friction often experienced between the individual and the collective.


for the sake of dancing in the street Programing Schedule
All programs to take place at OXY Arts.



LAND’s 2023 exhibitions are made possible with lead support from the Offield Family Foundation, the Jerry and Terri Kohl Family Foundation, and The Perenchio Foundation. Additional support is provided by the Fran and Ray Stark Foundation, the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Department of Arts and Culture, the LA Arts Recovery Fund, Brenda Potter, the Wilhelm Family Foundation and LAND’s Nomadic Council. Special thanks to Artist Sponsors Karen Hillenburg, Liana Krupp, Abby Pucker, Stacy and John Rubeli, Ben Weyerhaeuser, and the Poncher Family Foundation.

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